Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lyons Velodrome Update

I just got this email via the Lyons Chamber of Commerce. Seems like there's some conflicting stories happening. Word from insiders on the town board was that they asked Frank and Doug from Ubikes to come up with a written and detailed plan, along with an economic impact study but it never came. It's no secret, though, that the newly elected old school Mayor of Lyons and some of his cronies on the town board are pretty much down on any 'new' ideas. We can bet that these idiots will shoot down any idea that doesn't have to do with antique stores (the Mayor owns one) or anything that will even slightly change the image of Lyons to represent the population that's been here in the last 10 years. Anyway, here's what I got from Boneshakers, LLC... **************************************************************************
Dear Members of the Chamber,

My partner Frank Banta and I attended a Lyons Town Council meeting in June
and we were informed that our velodrome project will not be a community goal
for at least the next couple of years. We wanted to thank those of you in
the Lyons Chamber of Commerce for meeting with us last winter and listening
to our pitch. We both understand that bringing 50,000 annual visitors to
Bohn Park to use the velodrome would be a big change, and it is not a
decision to be taken lightly. The Lyons Town Council and Parks & Recreation
Departments’ professionalism has made them a pleasure to work with. Once
again, thank you all for your time and consideration.


Douglas R. Emerson & Frank Banta
Boneshakers, LLC

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debaser said...

I used to think that smaller groups would have less politics.

Uh, no.

If I had room, i'd put it up in my backyard.