Monday, July 10, 2006

and the picture

Yeah, the picture. We suck it.
Except for my bro's girlfriend, who apparently glows in the dark, which is something anyway.


debaser said...

A buddy rode it - said it was 10 hours to complete, 8.5 ride time, and conditions stayed the same for pretty much the whole thing.

He had me talked into it, but it filled up before I had my registration in. That's how I learned my lesson and signed up for the Laramie Enduro.

Joel White said...

Well the MS150 was equally as miserable. The worst riding conditions I've ever had, totally saturdated and very cold. They were stopping the riders as hypothermia was breaking out in abundance. I finished and Day 2 was sunny and nice, but man Day 1 sucked.

redstone said...

You guys (heh heh, and Debaser, too) are tougher than me. I think yesterday I decided that I already had enough character for the moment so I snuck out for a quick 40 min after the mist let up.

debaser said...

I git my deatils from Joe - He wanted to quit several times but kept getting talked out of it, because hey, they'd made it such and such far already.

He also said that the dh from Loveland was the most miserable time he's spent on his bike. Wet & slick & cold. the promoters found a way to open a public school in Dillon where he warmed up for 45 minutes before continuing.

Before I could ask, he told me that he's ready to sign up for next year.

perl said...

Wet and cold for sure; especially the descend down to Idaho Springs. Sleet on Loveland pass, but no snow. 8.5 hr total time, 7.5 hr ride time. The descends were horrendous. I bit my tongue from the teeth shattering on one of the descends, that's how cold it was - and yes - ready to do it again next year!