Friday, July 28, 2006

3 day campin' weekend in Aug

Since we didn't do our annual pilgramage to Fruita and GJ this spring (new baby), we're getting things rounded up for a summer trip. Check off Aug 25, 26, 27 for 3 days of solid riding. Thinking something like this:

Fri - leave in the am and drive out to our destination. Get there, set up camp, then go for a ride that will get us thru to dinner and some daylight hanging out.

Sat - ride all day. Maybe more.

Sunday - Um, also ride all day. Heck, I can drive home in the dark.

That's it - 2.5 days of solid riding. I've got a couple of spots in mind and I'm open to suggestion from those that want to come out. Winter Park, Steamboat, Vail, Summit - I'm down for whatever. I've done enough looking that we can line up some really solid rides in any of those areas.

Or we could scrap it all and revisit the 10hr deathmarch...

1 comment:

Melis said...

I'm up for any of that, including the deathmarch. I have tickets to the Galactic Show sunday night so i will want to be back for that.