Thursday, July 06, 2006

Touring SW Colorado

The wife and I made a 5 day weekend by adding a few days of vacation here and there, and decided to head west, then south, to see what's to be seen. Oh, it was a really good time, not only due to the scenery, but also the company of some other less vocal Redstoners. Pablo Sonny and Ella, and Karl Elisa and Macenzie made it an epic trip.

Here we are headed to camp, day 1. Wow! Mr. Polo bought a hell of a spread here. Thankfully, the county has kept the road open right through the middle of it.

We camped here.

It rained. New Tarp City in full effect. I had some serious tarp envy - Pablo has it exxxtra large.

Sonny rocking the GT I Drive.

Me riding in Telluride, Waterline followed by Jed Wiebe.

We headed to Molas Pass and the Colorado trail. Wow. We all vowed to complete this ride when the weather (and our late start) wouldn't prevent us from completing this epic. Here's Pablo, wasting precious energy above treeline.

Karl, riding the storm out, Fluxing it up.


redstone said...

Man, that looks great. Bummer about the rain, though. I swear I'll get down there one of these days.

debaser said...

the rain was a welcome change after all the heat we had last week. Sounds like you guys had the same change as well.