Thursday, July 06, 2006

Chris Cocalis leaving Titus

From the horse's mouth:

Dear Friend:

The purpose of this letter is to let you know that as of June 30th, 2006, I am no longer with Titus Cycles. As many of you know, I incorporated the company in 1991, and have always had a strong passion for cycling dating back to the early 80’s. It has been my passion and attention to detail that has been the driving factor behind Titus’ reputation for quality, innovation, and leading position as one of the premier high-end brands in the cycling industry.

In 2001 Titus Cycles merged with Vyatek Sports (a composites technology firm). During the last five years with Vyatek and Titus, I have continued to grow Titus Cycles into a multi- million dollar high end industry leader as well as successfully bringing new cutting edge design and technology to the cycling industry. It has been five years since the Vyatek/Titus merger and I have decided to end my partnership with Vyatek and Titus Cycles, sell my interest in the companies, and explore new challenges.

You can now reach me at:
And Dave Turner's response:

I will be contacting Chris personally to give him my best wishes but I want to publicly say goodbye to a competitor and industry friend, Chris Cocalis. He and I have had great conversations on non cycling related subjects that I still remember anytime I hear his name. Always a man that would offer his hand in an honest gesture even though we were competitors. There are very few men in the bicycle industry that have worked as hard with an honest heart and treated his customers as fellow riders. I wish you the best in mental health in moving through the muddy waters of what must have been an incredibly hard decision to make. Maybe that is why I am in such shock, that I cannot imagine the pain of walking away from the company I started. With all you have done to create and nurture Titus and to lead it through so many years it will not be the same without you Chris, your impact was total and Titus's success yours.

Best wishes

David Turner

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