Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rain, rain...

mw (good buddy from Nebraska) was in town this weekend, on his home from Cali. I promised some good times, but it's been raining. First time I've seen weather like this in I can't remember how long.

Yesterday we headed up to Lyons, but Restone was too busy for Dave to slip away early. We headed to Hall in the middle of the afternoon - The 2 other riders we say were on 29'ers! That left only me on the 5.5 on the little wheeled bike.

Today, we gathered up Pablo & Mic and headed for our local Louisville ride - we even bumped the start time to 7 so Dave could come down, and he's the guy who bailed!! We toured around the suburban trails for about 3 hours in the warm rain. Good stuff.

Thanks for stopping in, mw. Next time we nix the raindance!

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