Thursday, July 27, 2006

a pair of Intense 5.5s

Two Intense 5.5s means it goes to eleven. I just got in a pair of sweet Large 5.5s. The dark one is Midnight Blue and the light one is Java.

The latest Intense 5.5 gets a 1 piece upper link like it's big brother, the 6.6

The lower linkage bolts now have circlips on the ends to prevent backing out.

The new 5.5 rear triangle has also been redeveloped to imitate the 6.6. Lots more clearance back there now. Stiffer, too.


debaser said...

Those upgrades look really nice. It sure will be wierd to see another Java around though!

redstone said...

I met a guy at Walker the other day that had a Java 6.6 with a Maverick DUC 32. Small world, eh?

debaser said...

Sounds like I need a tradein!

Joel White said...

Yeah those Java Intense are so trite these days. I'm glad I've got the only Turquoise 575 in Colorado, you never see any of those around.

debaser said...

This is the first time in recorded history that I've been at the start of a trend instead of the end of a trend.