Monday, April 09, 2007

Tuesday Ride is on, bike shop at 6pm

Tuesday ride is on, but I doubt Hall will be in perfect shape anymore. I bet most of it will be back to it's usual dry self, especially if it's windy. 6pm at the shop!

In other news, I just got this from Intense:

"We have dramatically ramped up production over the last few months inorder to meet the demand for our frames. ... We are now shipping the5.5 FRO frames and the Large Spider 29ers are in production! XL to follow right behind. Both larger sizes of the 29er feature a new curved downtube to clear any fork crowns. This change will gradually find its way into the medium sized frames as well.The 5.5 FRO has been getting some great press and Richard Cunningham from Mountain Bike Action recently asked to keep their test bike for his own personal ride. He liked it that much!"

Always good to hear that type of news!


jrog said...

I emailed intense a couple of weeks ago about the 5.5 29ner. they wrote me back and said it would be availbe mid summer...dont sell your 6.6 too soon!

redstone said...

I think I'm going to try out a Spider for a while, Jrog, so we'll see. That 5.5 29er looks tempting, too. Guess I'll have to take a spin on Melis's when it comes in!

chris L said...


Where were you for the after ride beers? You also missed out on the fine food.

redstone said...

silo burgers!