Monday, April 23, 2007

Cohutta 100 action Jackson

Still operating from the East Coast these days, my fellow Redstoners. But that did give me the chance to race a 100 miler in April. Which is early.

I went down to the NC, TN, GA state line and raced the Cohutta 100 on Sat. Oooooh, I suffered in a bad way. I was on pace to crack the 10 hour mark, but then around mile 70, I just came unglued. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t drink. Hip flexors locked up. Just barely limped across the line in 10:48 or something. Which ain’t that good, but hey – it’s April. I’ll get there.
My brother, on the other hand, is a sick individual these days. He did it in 8:13, after being sick all week. The course had a lot of steep fire road climbing. 12,000 feet of up, total, and 90% of that was in the first 50 miles. Which fits Shawn well. He's a great climber, and twitchy. Very twitchy early. He actually was in the hunt for a while and finished not too far behind Tinker Juarez and Chris Eatough. Sick. I’m not sure where he ended up overall, maybe top 20 or so.
I can hardly walk today, but I think he's out training right now. He’s on a whole different level.

I talked some trash to Tinker at the registration table on Friday. Told him the line started behind me. Which was nice, because I never saw him after that until he was standing on the podium beside Eatough. Chris E. cranked this thing out in 6:40 or some such craziness.

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