Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Did I mention that we went to Fruita, too? I'll have that update soon. Sorry for the delay, it's been pretty hectic around here (as always, right?).
In other news, we had a ragin' Tuesday Night Ride last night. Thanks to all who showed up. It was a 2 lapper event at Hall and we made it back to down just as it was getting dark. I did make one fatal mistake, though... Chris L is out of town so I rode his Intense Spider 29er. Loved it. Really. I am completely smitten. Anyone want to buy an Intense 6.6? :)
The Lyons Board of Trustees meeting on Monday didn't go so well for cyclists. As it turns out, a big, organized, Century type of ride will be cruising thru town this summer. Great, except that it will be rolling thru the same weekend as Rocky Grass. 5000 dirty hippies and 2000 roadies all converging upon Lyons. I can't wait. Anyway, back to the BOT meeting. In trying to figure out the logistics of such a feat, Town Trustee Dave Goransan replied with much bicycling love that the best way to take care of all those cyclists is with a 2x4 that he'll be carrying around especially for that occasion. I have yet to hear an audio clip of that particular event, but it's on the way. I'll have a transcription here soon.


Vogelman! said...

A're f*&$ing kidding me! Set up a lemonade stand and make some bucks brutha!

TheLeeMan said...

Congrats Dave!

MG said...

smitten, 'eh? i'm looking forward to talking to you more about your new love.

thanks for posting that pic. that brings back good memories!