Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Solo Mission

Got the greenlight on Sunday night to make a jaunt to the border so off I went early Monday morning. Rolled into Fruita at about 400pm, set up camp and got the bike gear on.

So I was on Kessel Run right at 6pm.

After Kessel I did Zippety Doo Dah. Riding along that beautiful singletrack and then up to the ridge while the sun is going down is something that just has to been seen for yourself. I'm speechless.

Then of course the sweet and crazy drops that make it so epic.

Then night fell and the 90 schilling and the campfire were in order

Monday night the winds blew so hard that it knocked my tent over and at 3am I found myself tying the tent to the nearest stable object.

The next night I made sure that wouldn't happen again and as you would have it, no wind.

Going on a solo mountain bike trip to the desert is good for the soul. However, now I am right back to two kids and reality. Its all worth it though. Tuesday I stuck around the 18 road area all day and did just about every trail there is around there. The wind was brutal but it was like being at a ski resort. Down Chutes and ladders, up Prime Cut, down Zippety, up the road, down Prime cut etc etc. And it didn't require a lift ticket. Pure bliss.

Finally, there seems to be a problem in Palisade.


redstone said...

I could go for a solo mission about now. Or about any time really. Lucky dog.

chris L said...

If no meth in Palisade, then where?

Melis said...

Good work man!!!

debaser said...

I could really use a bike ride. This doesn't help one bit.

Anonymous said...

The new Boulder sticker.

Schuman said...

Its a sad day when you can't get any smack in your own town. What's this world coming to.