Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My last weekend in Wisconsin provided me an opportunity to participate in one of my favorite mountain bike races. The Wigwam Ultimax classic is the 12th & final stop on the WORS series calendar. WORS is one of the best run state mountain bike series anywhere, sometimes drawing 1000 racers. The hometown race has a great course & is actually located in the city of Sheboygan, so spectators are in high numbers. It was good to catch up with all the old racing buddies. It was the first cross country race in a few years so it hurt pretty bad. I went as fast as my legs would go, i never really got tired b/c my legs just had one speed with 2 laps of the 5 remaining. The results were less than stellar, but hey i finished. The stone finished 27th out of 75 in the Expert/Elite class. Nothing to write home about but as i said, it's a great series & event. Trek/VW buddy Tristan Schouten out gunned MN homeboy Doug Swanson for the big $1000 payday. Keep an eye for these guys during the cross season, they will surprise some folks. Cheers to Don for running a quality series & the Fat Kats for the quality event.


Thanks to my buddy Jay for feeding me all day, not sure i would have made otherwise.


debaser said...

Sounds like my trip back to the midwest - those guys are fast.

At least you were the best dressed out there!

redstone said...

I could see where that would be a pretty fast course if most of the terrain looks like that. Good effort Chad.

Davetoo said...

that gets an atta boy. Good to see you in the mix again on an XC course.

Melis said...

That is the portion of the course that was used as a feedzone. It actually had a ton of slippery roots & grippy twisty singletrack. It really is a sweet course.