Monday, October 02, 2006

Moab with the Turner Clan

I just got back from a superb weekend of riding in Moab with Dave Turner and a bunch of other Turner owners and fanatics. Dave brought out part of his Interbike demo bikes. I chose the new 29er, the Turner Sultan for the day's ride (Hazzard County and Porcupine Rim).

That bike was truly amazing, no kidding. Luby, Abby, and Ariel from the Maverick crew hooked up on the ride, too.

We hit something a little more off the beaten path on Sunday. We started at Amassa Back, climbed up and over it, and came down Rockstacker and Jackson's Trail. All fun stuff. Here's the man himself, Dave Turner, throwing down on Rockstacker.

I'll have more pics and a full write up soon!

Here's some stuff on another blog, that of Techfiend. He has some good pics there, too.


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Didja bring it home?

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You rode with Abby Hippely? giddy up. Daddy likes