Thursday, October 26, 2006

Intense VPP vs Santa Cruz VPP

I took these pictures the last time I had a Santa Cruz in the shop. The Santa Cruz is a Blur LT and the Intense is a 5.5, so this is pretty much apples to apples. I am in no way whatsoever comparing the ride of the two bikes. I am merely displaying images of both that speak to quality of design as well as quality of workmanship. Take a look.

Santa Cruz lower link:

Intense lower link:

Santa Cruz upper link:

Intense upper link:

Santa Cruz replaceable dropout:

Intense replaceable der hanger:

Santa Cruz disc tab:

Intense disc tab:

I am definitely proud to work with Intense!


debaser said...

I wonder why all those Blur owners have problems with their bearings?

Anonymous said...

Oh you got that right, Santa Cruz thumbs down all the way! Intense just does it better!-misctwo

mg said...

... makes me glad i'm getting a spider 29. not like there's any santa cruz model that's its equivalent, but i still much prefer the way intense builds its linkages and pivots. it makes sense that they'd be more durable over time.