Thursday, October 26, 2006

1st Cross Race

The first cross race of the season always hurts. 2-3" of mud on half of the course puts the hurtin' on me.

The night before Boulder got 5" of snow. Race day was sunny and 45 degrees, just warm enough to melt the snow slowly. I was standing at the start line with Chad, he was hoping to win and I was hoping for mid-pack. With no pre-lap I was not sure what the course was like. My biggest clue was the mud covered people from the CAT4 race. I had a good start but quickly found out the semi-slick tires I was running were a poor choice. My wheels were spinning with each pedal stroke while my competition was passing by. I kept pushing anyway and felt great. This was not reflected in my results, but it was still fun. Chad ended up with the win and I ended up near the back.

When racing for Redstone Cyclery/Oskar Blues Brewery, the race MC"s love to talk about the beer every lap, even strangers are cheering for us. Next week I think I'll bring the beer.


redstone said...

Hey, Chris posted, and he used pictures! Kidding... Those are good shots, Chris, kudos to Laurie. Thanks for the update. You'll kill it at the res this week, I'm confident.

John S said...

Chris, Coming from the east coast I would think you would be use to racing in the mud.