Tuesday, October 10, 2006

long one tonight

Well, that nice weekend sure came to a screeching halt with the change in weather. My family and I were back in NE this past weekend for a wedding. The weather out there was 85 and sun Friday and Saturday and a nice overcast 60 on Sunday. I got to ride Friday and Sunday both, too. That was nice, especially given that Mary and Zoe were both in the wedding and involved with preperations, etc. Anyway, both days were spend on a 7 mile each way out and back river trail on the outskirts of town called Wilderness Park. It's flat as a pancake, but super fun riding. The singletrack (real 8" well worn singletrack) winds in and out and around trees as it meanders downstream. I got to ride with MG, too. He definitely makes the ride more fun, especially since I have to keep up with him with my legs spinning in the 44/16. I decided on that ride that I like suffering up climbs, because I can relax on the descents. I took the Turner Flux back, too. Man, 4" was way too much bike on that trail! Needless to say, there are quite a few guys running 29ers back in the flatlands, and for good measure.

Speaking of 29ers, the new Intense Spider 29er will make a breif appearance at the shop this week. I'll try to snap some pics of it before Chris takes it home to build it up. I can't wait to throw a leg over that bike, especially since spending a day on the new Turner 29er, the Sultan. I will be eager to see how the bikes measure up to one another.

Tuesday ride anyone? I have no clue what the weather will be doing, so I'll make the call tomorrow at the shop at 6pm. If it's crappy and we still want to ride, we can do a little around town lap with some other stuff and try to get an hour in. If the ground firms up, we can ride up Hall in the daylight. Um, bring lights, too. Just in case ;).

One last thing for all of you Yeti lovers out there (and I know there are a few). I recently acquired a 99 or 00 Yeti Road Project. It's a 54 and is the yellow and black paint scheme. The Shimano Ultegra 9 speed is still top notch. I got the bike from a woman that I used to work with at Schwinn, back when Schwinn owned Yeti so you know there's love there. She didn't ride it much at all and now spends most of her time riding her horse. If you're interested in it, shoot me an email. I aim to post up some pics of it soon.

That's all I got, it was a long winded one tonight.


xjoex said...

Yeti road project! Thats a sweet ride. That'd be a perfect crit or hill climbing bike. If I didn't already have a road bike...

Schuman said...

David, you need to talk to keith of "Keith and Shannon" I believe he is looking for a road bike and I mentioned to him that you were getting this bike.

debaser said...

Bummer to have missed the ride. I was doing some much needed fork maintainence - swapping out the fluid. Most of it came out of the fork in a blue foammy mess. No wonder I couldn't get full travel out of it. It's feeling much better now!