Monday, October 23, 2006

change is good, right?

It's funny how things can change so quickly. One week, it's 80degrees and perfect dirt in the hills. The next week, it's already snowed a couple of times and we're into our winter routine. It had been since last winter, so I decided to pedal out to a winter only staple - Rabbit Mountain. You know, Rabbit Mountain is a pretty darn good park. If Boulder County OS were to be so bold as to make loop out of the now out and back overlook trail, Rabbit Mountain would get about 200% better. Oh well, the views are still pretty good as an out and back.

After riding the overlook trail, I went for a lap on the Eagle Wind loop. Everytime I ride it, I kick myself for not visiting more frequently. The loop rolls up and down and has some legitimately fun rocky terrain. It also provides a good view, one that's pretty unique in the area. Looking down on the front range.

Speaking of the weather and seasons changing rapidly, hows anyone feel about at Tuesday ride. Meet at the shop at 6pm and we'll go from there. Any ideas?


chris L said...

Hall Ranch would be a good ride for me tonight.

Melis said...

Not gonna make it tonight, catch up later

redstone said...

That's 2 in a row for melis. I think he's scared. :)

Anonymous said...

Rabbit definitely has some fun, rocky terrain, just a bit short.
Good for a quick ride though.

redstone said...

Exactly - just a bit short. It's a good fitness ride from Lyons, though. If you ride out there, ride all the trails, then ride back, you get a couple hour ride with lots of good spinning. It's a perfect winter ride as long as it's not too windy.