Friday, October 20, 2006

Heil Connector Planning and other things

The trail work for Heil Ranch this coming Sat (10/21) has been rescheduled. It's too muddy up there to work, according to Parks person Mary Wiener. We'll be back at it on November 4, same time, same place. We'll still plan to ride afterwards if we can.

Keep Oct 26 open. From 6:30-8:pm at the Lyons High School, Boulder County Parks and Open Space Staff and Town of Lyons Parks and Rec Commission will present the background and scope of the Heil Valley Ranch northern trailhead planning. Topics will include:
-Background on the 2005-2006 Heil Valley Ranch Planning
-New Opportunities: Olson Property Purchase
-Issues to be considered regarding the trailhead in Bohn Park

The High School is located at 100S 2nd Ave in Lyons. It's right underneath the big L on the hillside south of town. Hope to see many faces out that night!

Might get some snow tomorrow, stay warm and dry...


Jason Vogel - BMA said...

Rumor has it some NIMBYs might turn out for this meeting. Biker presence in force will help staff to justify the decision to build the Heil Valley Ranch connector trail down to Bohn Park. Too many NIMBYs and not enough bikers = trouble for this trail connector.

Anonymous said...

The irony for me is that we used to live on Welch Drive with that big field right our our back gate. I always assumed that the connector would go right down that right of way. I haven't seen the proposed layout yet but that's where I assume it would go. I always thought that it would be an ENHANCEMENT to our property...access to primo hiking and riding right out the door!