Monday, September 08, 2008

weekend wrap up

BMA's Sufferfest was this weekend. Big ride on Sat, starting in Ned and ending at Beaver Res Road for camping and partying. I couldn't make the ride as I had to have the shop open, but I was able to load the truck up with 15 cases of donated Dale's Pale Ale for the campout.
Before I knew it, it was dark, the fire was raging, and focusing was difficult.
I guess that means we had a good time. Sunday morning we rose to a wonderfull egg sammich breakfast courtesy of Botsy and Andria of BMA (thanks!). Chris and I missed the 9:30 start time apparently so we set off by our lonesome. When we realized that we wouldn't ever catch the guys we originally intended to ride with, we struck up our own route. We cut thru a couple of old, old, unknown ski trails back to Sourdough, UP South St Vrain, up Waldrop to Brainard lake road, then back to camp via Sourdough.

The USFS only recently signed Waldrop as a bike legal trail. I try to avoid riding it often due to big marshes, river crossings, etc. Waldrop is on the USFS management plan for improvements (bridges, etc) but I had heard that construction wouldn't start until Little Raven was 100% done, which it is not.

Guess I was wrong.

There's already a couple of really, really nice structures on Waldrop as well as some skinny plank bridges thru the bogs. Sweet!

Tired as we were when we rolled back to camp, we found that our camp had seen a visitor. There was evidence of bear activity and we saw the bear scurry off when we arrived. He was pretty darn big.

Apparently we didn't scare him off much.

After taking a few pics, we were out the door. Didn't want to play Darwin award winner with that one. I think he ate well. There was lots of bagels and beer left over.

I got out for 2.5 hours on the cross bike today. It was chilly.


debaser said...

The bear's take out of the tent:

1 dozen eggs
1 12 oz bottle of Crisco Canola oil
4 pieces leftover fried chicken
20 Powerbar Triple Threat bars
1 bag Jimmy Dean Breakfast skillet meal
1 2.5 gallon container of water (to wash it all down I guess)

And tried tro break into a pick up as well.

redstone said...

Sounds like a good lunch. RE, the pickup, he was already in the back of that when we came upon him. There was 1 bite each out of about 1 dozen bagels. Guess he was sampling.

Brian said...

20 Triple threat bars? That bear is going to be blocked up for days.