Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture Rock! Tuesday Ride!

I was away this weekend and didn't get to ride much. In Colorado anyway. I was, however busy enjoying miles of super buff NE singletrack. Like butter, seriously. Anyway, I digress. More on that goodness later. It was with a tired and achy head that we rolled out of Lincoln, NE at 6:30am today. We had to get out of there early to make it back in time for the official grand opening of Heil Ranch's newest trail, Picture Rock. We rolled into Lyons just in time for me to change clothes, saddle up and head out. There were already tons of folks riding to the trail so I pedaled to the 'Rock.

Good thing Johnny Law was there. There were tons of folks protesting putting a trailhead (parking, etc) at this very location. At least they were well behaved. Not well behaved were other residents in the area that were shouting at us and spitting from car windows as they drove buy. Nice and classy.

There was a LOT of people there. Hikers, equestrians, and bike folk. As an aside, I heard equestrians today referred to as centaurs. I like that. Going to have to start using it.

Redstone represent!
Finally! After years and years and years. Those close to me know just how excited I was for this moment. Probably those not so close to me knew that, too. Can I get a F*ck Yeah, it's finally open!

Another funny thing. At the bottom, especially with the centaurs and hikers, I noticed absolutely no regard for the crushed rock thingy they're calling a trail at the bottom. People were everywhere. On the other had, at least with bike folk anyway, everyone extended outstanding courtesy. Almost everyone I passed stopped their bike, kept it on trail, and leaned over to make room. You know, Fruita singletrack nazi style. I like it. I extended the same courtesy when others passed me. Let's keep this beauty single y'alls.
See? Single. How long before it's 3' wide? Not to put a damper on it, but we all have to contribute keeping this buff and single. Spread the love, will you?
Also saw lots of signs like this. Caution. Narrow. Slow. ...Good :)
Narrow enough for bottlenecks when 200+ people are out on it. I wonder if Boulder County got a permit for this event?

The next two pics are from the same vantage point. I was helping a friend change a flat in the corner of a 180 degree switchback. First pic is the approach, second is the exit.

And here's the apex. Bike Patrol's John Perry was weilding a big ass smile. Me too.
So was MtbMike. We even got a thumbs up.
Just another pic I had of JV. This is a fine example of the smooth and flowy trail in the bottom section. There was lots of creative use of bench cut.

That was the trail. Picture Rock, as it is. We'll be riding it on Tuesday for those that missed Monday's affair. Expect lots of traffic and lots of fun. Bring a charged light, too. We'll be riding the Lyons ghetto singletrack after dark. See you at 5:30 :)

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