Sunday, September 28, 2008

more Picture Rock

Let me know if you're sick of Picture Rock pics :) Today, I got out for a little recon mission. Mission - see how long it takes me to ride to LHOHV and back. Took about 1hr 50 min to get there and about 1 hr 20 min to get back. I made it to LHOHV and hit some of the very bottom singletrack. I ran into my time window and had to turn around so as to make it back to Lyons before dark. I boogied and made it back just before 7. Here's a few shots.

Man. Give them an inch and they take a mile. Wild Turkey trail was named so because of the turkeys that live up there. They're taking over the entire park now. This was taken south of the orignal trailhead on the road. I think there were probably 10 or so.

Back on the upper section of Picture Rock. It's rocky and narrow and good.
Lots of swoopy switchbacks.
Trail construction is top rate.
More swoopy. Still on the upper sections. This is one of a few greatly over engineered corners.
More smooth and swoopy.
I like the contrast with the red dirt.
History, too. And more narrow and rocky trail.
There it is. There it is. There it is. There it is.
Did I mention smooth and swoopy? A person could have a lot of fun out here with a fish eye lens, me thinks. Parts of the lower section are starting to set up quite nicely from the smattering of rains we got this weekend.
Good lookin' singletrack, eh? We're pushing hard to educate all trail users to pass on trail ala Fruita Singletrack Nazi style. Leave your wheels on trail and lean waaaay over to let folks thru still on trail. We worked our asses off on it. Let's keep this baby narrow and spread the word of the singletrack Nazi.
Tomorrow I'm off to do the preride for our 10/5 BFR3 Deathmarch. I'll report my findings on that when I regain the energy. Until then, I'm out.
See you all Tuesday at the shop at 5:30. Bring lots of lights - we're going to Ned. Let's shoot for the High School at 6:30. Getting back late, too, so say goodnight to the kids before you leave :)

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