Monday, September 01, 2008

labor day ride 08

I was lucky enough to get out of town today with Bstiff and KJ. We drove to a place not oft visited by anyone. Well, except vultures from the looks of it. Despite it's short mileage, it's uber technical and steep nature dicated that we were out for over 3 hours. Good stuff fellas. Thanks for helping me to forget labor. :)


debaser said...

I labored in the car for about 8 hours today. I would have been very happy to do any ride today.

redstone said...

but you got the Bacon Ride in. That's good.

Brian said...

Yeah, good ride yesterday. I'm just glad the vultures didn't hang out for that last crossing back over the ridge; I was feeling close to being vulture food. Thanks for hooking up the Gravity Dropper.