Sunday, September 03, 2006

Keystone Climax

I made it up to the final MSC race of the year at Keystone this weekend. I loaded the truck, grabbed some coffee & rocked Galactic for an hour & a half to snatch a piece of that all day lift pass that comes with the $20 Super D entry. A storm was sitting over the front range but once we hit Idaho Springs it was nothing but blue sky & sunshine. The Super D course was fantastic & the field was large. I took a pre-run on the course & eyeballed the run up to the bikes that had been lengthened to about 100 yards. I ran hard, I wanted no part of a group of bike riders running at max effort in carbon soled shoes on loose gravel & trading elbows at 12,000 ft(ouch). It proved to be a good move. I heard yelling, pushing & falling as I was first to the bike. To be honest, I just don't have the racing lungs to outrun the maverick boys for 20 minutes these days. Mike West & Ariel ended up passing me on flat/climbing portions of the course as we hauled ass down the mountain. I was able to bring home a 3rd place & a big smile for Redstone/Oskar Blues after hitting the lift a few more times. All in all it reminded my how fun & difficult the trails are at Keystone. That place has some serious riding for nearly every disipline, you better strap it on if you want to ride the entire mountain. Thanks to Redstone for helping me get the bike straight after last weekends Crested Butte trip & to Oskar Blues for the weekends beverages of choice.

strikes & spares - cm


redstone said...

Hey man, kick ass! 3rd behind those cats if pretty damn admirable. Great job!

Schuman said...

well done Melis....I think next year I'm going to do the Super D as well.

debaser said...

You are fast.

xjoex said...

Way to go in and lay the smack down.

good job