Friday, September 08, 2006

Heil Loop

So I just got back from the fundraiser and today they had the signing of the Olson property. I guess it took 6.5 hours and a few changes. Wayne Anderson bought 5 of the acres from the Olsons for 280k with the house (what a friggin deal that is). There are 7 more acres that will be sold for two single family homes so the town will get back approximately 1M in the deal or something like that.

The trailhead is going to be in Bohn Park but instead of running behind the houses on Welch Drive, the trail will be routed on the opposite side and behind the current farmhouse where there is an easement. This will calm down all the residents that have been concerned about trail users directly behind their houses.

Finally, the exciting news is that Saturday Sept. 16th the trail building for the new loop up in Heil will begin!!!!. Thats right, it is going start in one week. The time for building will be from 9am to 1pm and volunteers will receive a free T-shirt and lunch provided by Oskar Blues. If you want to volunteer, call Mary Wiener at 303.678.6216. If you are reading this, you need to be there. Bring your work gloves, water, and snacks and ready to have some fun.

This is really great news for all riders in the area so please come out and help if you can make it.

Christmas came early folks.....


debaser said...

Very very excellent news all around.

redstone said...

Yeehaw. Thanks for representin' Rocking Ron. Ride Sunday afternoon?

Schuman said...

I would love to ride but we had our baby on Saturday afternoon. We have a strappin young man that joined the family and he told me he can't wait to join the Tuesday night group rides. No names yet but everyone is doing great.

I'll post a photo soon.