Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Change to allow bikes"

The Eldorado Mountain TSA is going to the Open Space Board of Trustees early next month - here's the Open Space's map of the area. All the current trails will be opened (solid red) , and many miles of new trails will be open to us (red & yellow trails), assuming it gets approved.


redstone said...

That's huge. We got everything out there exept for the climber access trails, and I've heard they're not great for bikes anyway. Let's hope it gets finalized. Even opening up those routes helps night riding yet this year!

debaser said...

Yup yup. And notice how it will connect to Rattlesnake Gulch (when some of those new trails are built) and to Marshall Mesa (where there are new trails this month, and more work days scheduled in the coming months).

Good signs, good signs.

doperssuck said...

Am i reading the map correct:The flower trail is the trail that drops down into walker right before/after the bridge, depending on which way you ride the loop. I hope that is the case!

debaser said...

Sorry, no Walker connection, yet. Rattlesnake, yes. We should have access to Eldo State Park via the Fowler trail from the Doudy Draw area.

We get the solid red and red/yellow trails.