Sunday, September 17, 2006

good day today

This morning, we worked on new trail construction at the nearby Heil Ranch Open Space. Today was the first public workday for a new trail, about 3 miles long that creates a second loop in the park. It was great to see such an enthusiastic group of mountain bikers jump in to help. Mountain bikers were definitely the majority of the help out there today. Big thanks also to BMA and to everyone that sends letters and comments. This loop was never part of the original plan, but we rallied and came out 1 trail ahead. Great job! In another year or so, a connector trail will come off this new loop and roll into Lyons. Can't wait.

Dale from Oskars helped out with the necessary beer and food afterwards. We obliged. Then we rode. We drove up to Miller Rock for a little ride. It was snowing on and off the entire ride. The moisture was great, though - the dirt was about perfect. We stopped to scramble to the top of Miller Rock. The views from up there are sweet, but it was a little cloudy.

then we rode some more.

It was a great day, bikes, trails, beer. good stuff.


Melis said...

Sorry to have missed it. I will make it to the next work day & ride. We brought it for Redstone off Monarch & Kenosha passes though. Even ran into Trixie off Kenosha.

debaser said...

New trails rule. Thanks for helping out Dave.