Monday, September 18, 2006

Bridges of Kenosha

I think Chad would ride over a bridge of popcicle sticks if he ran accross one. He's got no fear of falling to certain doom.

Wierd right hand to two foot step up entrance on this one.

Another right hand step up - the first of two bridges one after another.

20 feet later, the second bridge over another creek.

After hitting both bridges seperatly and succesfully he went back and hit both in succesion. Check out the chain on the wheelie drop off the second one!


Davetoo said...

Somehow, photos just don't capture how nuts that really was. Not, like, 42-20 fixie on monarch nuts, but nuts nonetheless.

debaser said...

That last one's got a mean wheelsucking gap for sure.

xjoex said...

boys got skills.