Thursday, September 07, 2006

Drink beer Friday and support local transit and trails

Hey all, I just recieved an email from our hard working buddy Jason Vogel about a fundraiser going on at Oskar Blues this friday. I wanted to share it with the Redstone community to show our support for these projects. See you there...

Hey friends,

This Friday, there will be a great party in Lyons at
Oskar Blues from
5:30 to 7:00. It's a celebration of the county's
progress on a cool new
trail connection to Heil Ranch, and it's a fundraiser
for the county's
ballot initiative 1A to fund transit and trails
improvements. I'm
the campaign manager for the Transit and Trails Ballot
Initiative 1A, which will improve regional transit
service and help move some major regional trail
projects forward, like the Boulder Feeder Canal Trail
(Lyons to Boulder), the Boulder-Denver bikeway (along
US36) and the Longmont to Boulder trail. So please
come to the party, make a donation to the campaign and
drink free local beer! The party is hosted by the
Boulder Mountainbike Alliance. More info below...

...oh yeah, and check out the campaign website:

Jason Vogel


redstone said...

This is a sweet deal, y'all should go. I, unfortunately, have previous goin's on in Denver, but I'll be there in spirit. Especially if you have a few beers for me.

Schuman said...

I drink one for you Dynamite Dave...