Sunday, September 17, 2006

juan solo ride today

Every day is a good day in the backcountry. I hit one of my favorite spots today. It's rideable as a loop combination of trail and jeep road, but today I rode the singletrack as an out and back. Doing that gave me A)a slightly longer ride and B)more net singletrack. That's a good thing, I estimated. Oh, and I started at the bottom of Bmx Track, so I got the bermie, swoopie descent at the end.

It was chilly, though. That made it 2 days in a row for long sleeves and knickers. It was chilly when the trail was by the water. When the trail climbed up away from the water, the sun felt good but the wind was more blustery. Did someone forget that it's still technically summer? At least it wasn't snowing today.

The fall color was going off in the bottom of the canyon. Yep, everyday is a good day in the backcountry.

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Davetoo said...

I always forget how much I like riding by myself. I gotta do that more often. Maybe not way back there though.