Monday, July 19, 2010

Weeks worth of riding.

Last week's Tuesday Ride took us up to Little Raven and South St Vrain. Shuttle, if you will. It was a great ride. There was carnage. It was good.

On Sunday late, Dirtydoug and I went bushwhacking again.
If you can call a ride with 3 major hike a bikes a success, it was a major success.
And today? Today I rode up Coney Creek Rd and down Buchanan Pass. Some parts were smooth.
And some parts were not.
But it was still great :) We'll see you on Tuesday. Jamestown.


Anonymous said...

I rode (road?) Buchanan Pass Rd up to Coney Creek Rd (and a bit of Sourdough) for the first time last weekend, and it was well worth it. I'd recommend the detours around some of those full-width water holes as at least one of them was hub-deep, very rocky and muddy. Fortunately it was warm enough that I enjoyed the bath, and I got washed off in some of the clearer crossings.

The bugs were viscous, though, so don't slow down too much.


redstone said...

haha - yeah don't go thru the water. It's pretty dank up there. Glad you enjoyed!