Saturday, July 17, 2010

trolls and rants

I typically don't respond to anonymous trolls but this one was worth repeating.

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bummer ur not talking about any of the local trails these days. i remember when i first moved to lefthand i got turned on to the way to really experience the area through u talking about stuff like gillespie and elk mountain access... now its like a members only thing. i wouldnt wanna give the goods to any old gaper either but the lack of trail talk and the stupid prices at ur store make me wish ud move to boulder... remember ur roots much?


Hi "J," thanks for the tips. If you've got any more insight, I'd love to have you come in to the shop to discuss in person, non-anonymously. If you're looking for a deal, tell me what you're looking for and I'm happy to help out.

Not talking about any of the local trails these days? Well, maybe not blogging about it so much lately, but I don't ride anything but local trails. I took a stroll thru the logs of the blog and it looks like pretty much everything up there was local and called out to which trails I was on. Except for one. "Late Sunday Bushwhacking" was me and 2 buddies doing some recon up by the Bunce plane crash. The goods? I think everything around here is the goods, that's why I live here. You want the goods - pick up a map and explore. There's some really good maps out there and a few show about 99% of the riding in these parts.

Prices? Don't know where you've been the last few years but everything is up. My wholesale prices are up so much it's not even funny. I typically eat the difference to a point, but there does come a time when my margin gets to thin and I have to raise my prices accordingly.

My roots? I remember starting the bike shop as a 2nd job. I remember going out and doing trailwork and local advocacy, showing up to policy meetings, etc. I remember working until 2am in the shop because resources are tight and I need to make ends meet. I remember there being some tough ass months where it was difficult to pay my mortgage or my rent. You know what else I remember? I remember folks being stoked on all of the riding around here. I remember showing people the hows and whys and whatnots of how their bike works or how it doesn't. I remember giving sound advice and, oftentimes, recommending that people don't spend money on their bikes unnecessarily. Yeah I remember my roots. I'm still there. I started Redstone in my garage from the ground up. I didn't buy into an existing business with Mom and Dad's money. I remember my roots. Their still growing. And there's still tough ass months where I don't know how I'm going to pay my bills. Welcome to the bicycle business. None of us are getting rich here.

Boulder? No thanks, I left there years ago and have no plans to leave Lyons. Left Hand, though seems pretty attractive...

Anyway, thanks for the email or is that jjh? You've given me something to reflect on. Come on over one of these days and we'll discuss it over beers. They're on me.

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