Sunday, July 25, 2010

South St Vrain TLC

If any of you can make it out next weekend to help with the reroute of South St Vrain, that'd be great. BMA and the USFS are looking for volunteers for this coming Sat or Sun or both. Food provided and camping available. Or something like that :) I'm going to try to make it but I have to shake out the schedule.

Here's the background. Upper SSV goes thru a small part of Indian Peaks Wilderness. The Forest Service has been gracious enough the last several years to look the other way while we enjoy SSV's rocky goodness. Now that they have surveyed the boundary and cannot look the other way any longer, rather than close that portion of the trail, the USFS has also been gracious enough to allow us to reroute the trail further to the south and out of the boundary so we can keep enjoying it. Work on the reoute has been happening for the last year or so and if they get enough volunteers this weekend, it might be able to open as early as this August.

Like mtbmike says, "The world is run by those that show up." If you want to have an influential hand in how a lot of this plays out, now is your chance.

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