Friday, July 23, 2010

New, lower MSRP on Intense!

I recently got this from Intense. Great news!
Hello Intense fans,

I am Intense Cycles proud Director of Operations. One year ago, I joined the Intense team because of their dedication and support of Made in the USA product. When I step onto the production floor each day, I am still in awe that we make these world class bikes right here in Temecula, CA. From CNC machining and welding to final assembly, Intense has truly made a mark on the bicycle industry.

I joined Intense for one reason: to improve their operations for you, the customer. Today, I have the pleasure to tell you that all of the improvements we have made have finally paid off. Three of our favorite models: The Uzzi VP, Tracer VP, and Spider 2 have all had their MSRP's reduced because of the savings we have made out on the floor. Here's the breakdown:

Uzzi VP Old MSRP: $2,420USD New MSRP: $2,199USD
Tracer VP Old MSRP: $2,280USD New MSRP: $1,999USD
Spider 2 Old MSRP: $1,999USD New MSRP: $1,899USD

I don't want this message to be taken lightly. This is not all we've improved at Intense. We continue to improve our product each and every day. We continue to develop new models for your enjoyment. On the back-end, we've increased the headcount in our customer service department to help our customers through any questions they may have. We've widened our domestic dealer base to service more demand than we've ever had before. And the list goes on...

I can't wait for Interbike this year so we can show you what we've got in store for 2011. I hope to see you there.

Best wishes,

Jeff Moates
Director of Operations

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