Monday, July 26, 2010

It was a Lion Gulch Monday

Going up there. And beyond.

Some technical bits, i.e. about 30% hiking to get to Homestead Meadows.

With some really nice terrain at the top of the gulch. The flowers were happening in a good way.

Lots of history.

I think I would've like to reside at this property. Beautiful.

The correct tool for the job.

Found a back to back 2 seater. Would that be a sedan?

This rock was pitched in a particularly unique way out by a ranch hand living quarters area. Weird rock or tombstone?

More history.

It doesn't get old, does it?
Not to mention the fine, fine singletrack leaving the meadows.
Lion Gulch is the busiest trailhead in all of the Canyon Lakes Ranger District. I saw 3 people way up in there and a handful of folks by the trailhead. Nice. Hope you enjoyed your Monday as much as me. I love Mondays.

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