Monday, July 19, 2010

Lots of Congrats in order

National Championships were in Sol Vista this weekend if you hadn't noticed.

Our own Joe Christiansen got 2nd in his Junior XC race.

The one and only Sam Powers won not one but TWO national titles this weekend! First title was Four Cross and the second title was Downhill, both in Junior Expert. Way to go man.

Also, let us not forget our off road tri brethren. Racing for Redstone sponsored, MORF racing, after spending most of the season in a cast, Greg A placed 1st in his category at the Xterra Tri at Beaver Creak. Our favorite County Trails guy, Mike Rutter, got 4th in his age group, and Vanessa C placed 3rd in hers.

Damn. Good job y'alls!

And we'll have some podium shots of Joe as soon as he turns them over. :)

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