Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sat at the park

I got out super early this morning to beat the thaw and to get in a little spin on the cross bike. Made it not even 1/4 mile into Hall. It was pretty tracked out with footprints. The inconsistent snow made it difficult on 80psi 35c tires and 39/25 gearing! Oh well, I rode up far enough to be able to enjoy the 3 minute snow surfing downhill back to the parking lot.

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Melis said...

I had a smoking ride sunday afternoon at Hall. I went up antelope & came down the front side. Barely any mud, the snow was wet & slick but the dirt was prefect. It was super fun, kinda sliding through the snow & then hooking up well in the dirt! anyway..wanted to let you know that it was in good shape at the end of the weekend. happy holidays - cm