Friday, December 02, 2005

Pile Driver

I got out on the bike for a few night rides this week. Unfortunately I ended the most recent one with a pile driver style dismount. Tuesday's ride up in the forest was fantastic as Dave mentioned!!! A few of us rode a super fun trail with small amounts of snow & ice on the trail for that touch of the winter season, good stuff! Yesterday however, I piled it into a newly dug out & much deeper than expected ditch just outside Lyons. It was full of leaves so i was unable to see that it had changed since the last time & had been there. I hit it at a pretty good speed as the trail was slightly downhill. I broke my glasses & cut up my right eye pretty good. Another trip to our favorite Lyons nurse Michelle for her second edition of taping up my right eye this year. I took a good shot to my infamous right shoulder & scraped my cheek down my lip & neck. The swelling is filling in nicely around my eye, cheek & lip. Hey, if your gonna do it, do it right I've been told! Too bad this picture doesn't do it justice, it really has some pretty shades of yellow & purple around the eye area. They really go well with the red blood spots, I think I found my winter look!

Thanks again Mic! - Chad


redstone said...

whoaaa! Nice one. As long as you can still squint to see your beer, though, you will survive. Speedy recovery!

debaser said...

Damn! Ever hear of look before you leap? I hear chicks dig scars, maybe they dig scary bruises too?