Monday, December 05, 2005

good news on the rider limit for big events in CO...

News about the proposed 2500 rider limit of 2 weeks ago is still hammering my inbox. Good news from Velonews:

Colorado patrol backpedals on 2500-rider cap
By VeloNews Interactive
This report filed December 2, 2005
The Colorado State Patrol has reconsidered its decision to set a 2500-rider cap on organized cycling events in the state, according to Rep. Michael Merrifield, D-Manitou Springs.

"The latest is that the CSP is backing off to ‘study the issue' for the next year," Merrifield told VeloNews Friday evening. "I intend to keep up the pressure."

Col. Mark Trostel, chief of the CSP, told a press conference at the patrol's Lakewood headquarters that while he had "had a lot of input in support of this, too," he had decided "in the spirit of cooperation and problem solving" to delay implementation of the 2500-rider ceiling for one year.

The cap, which ride organizers said was set arbitrarily and without their input, drew howls of outrage from Colorado's cycling community, a petition drive from the advocacy group Bicycle Colorado and bipartisan criticism from members of the state Legislature.

Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, like Merrifield an avid cyclist, told The Denver Post: "I am not going to negotiate numbers. I am more than willing to negotiate with them about how we can continue to make these events safer as Colorado grows.

"I am very happy they have suspended the rule for a year so we can continue this discussion."

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