Wednesday, December 07, 2005

latest news - velodrome, trails, etc

I went to the Parks and Rec meeting the other day to find out more info about the velodrome project. The 2 men, Doug and Frank, that proposed (and have the $$) the track were also there. Basically so far so good. There will be a public hearing at a town board meeting soon. Provided that everything flies at the public hearing we should be good to go with getting a track very soon! This particular P&R meeting focused on not if, but where exactly in Bohn park the track will be situated. It will be a 7m wide, 250m length concrete track and will be set into the ground as deep as the water table will allow. I'm not too hip on track design, but this one will be built as a pursuit track - not quite as steep as a sprinters track. More good news - the UCI has regulated that all records henceforth will be set on 250m tracks and this will be the highest 250m track in the WORLD. Possible hour record attempts made in little ol' Lyons? hmmm... Doug and Frank say that they are ready to break ground absolutely as soon as Lyons says "go."

In other news, Boulder County Open Space has come to the Lyons Pathways Commission to ask what the town's priorities are for open space over the next few years. The recommended priorities were:
1 - finish the Heil connector
2 - Dowe Flats to Rabbit Mt connector
3 - multi use public access to Steamboat mountain.

I love Lyons.


mg said...

any room in that addition on your house for laura, our two dogs, one cat, and i to move in? sure hope so.

lyons is pretty cool...

redstone said...

There's room in the crawl space...

debaser said...

Awesome news, all of it. MG will have to visit me though, I can't handle the cobwebs in the crawlspace.

mg said...

oh, and i just LOVE spiders... i forgot to mention that.