Tuesday, December 20, 2005

the latest

Tuesday Night Rides are officially on hiatus until 1/3. We'll break in the new year with the next Tuesday night ride being 7pm on 1/3.

We got our first Intense frames in today. A med Java 5.5 and a baby blue Large 6.6. I cannot believe how beautiful these bikes are. The tubing is manipulated so intricately it hurts. All of the CNC work is equally meticulous and the welds are about as nice as I've ever seen on a fat tubed aluminum bike. I'd rank both of these bikes' welds nicer than the Tracer I last owned.

The 5.5 weighs in at a nice 6.74lbs whilst the 6.6 heaves in at a stout 8.11 pounds! Speaking of stout, if looks are anything on the 6.6, it'll take quite a bit to deflect the rear triangle of that beast. The 6.6 - hmmm, can you say 6.75 inches of backcountry love? Super D-tacular? Takin' the lifts up for a day?

Anyway, pretty excited about that. I was kicking myself for not having my camera on me. No worries, pics to come!


Melis said...

Baby blue, man your killin me. My credit card is yelling & screaming as we speak! Can't wait to catch a glimpse of that baby. Get your photo on & have happy holidays with the family.

debaser said...

Java? I'll take a cup of that now!

redstone said...

Seriously, I wasn't kidding when I said beautiful. Serious eye candy. I can't wait to get the 6.6 built up - and to see that 5.5 in action soon!

mg said...

mmmm... java. i'd need a large 5.5 tho. my wife would kill me too.

do they make that thang in a 'niner?

debaser said...

Wait yer turn buddy.

redstone said...

I think your wife would love you for getting another 5.5 inches.