Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hall Ranch 12/6

I made it out to hall for the 3rd day in a row of having it to myself. Today was not nearly as windy but between the cold temperatures & the snow it certainly made for a fun ride. I took no chances & I suited up with the snowboard helmet & goggles for protection. The trail was snow covered & the deer were very relaxed. I rode home from the winter day for warm tea.


redstone said...

Nice. Antelope is fun in the snow. Brap! Wish I could've joined you, too. Empty snowy days at the park - ahhhh.

mg said...

nice goggles there hot stuff!

we're gettin' the snowy love back here in nebraska too. some are xc skiing, but i'm still in riding mode... and the snow is sweet for riding too -- not too deep -- just enough to be fun.