Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the virtual interbike recap and some cool links

Interbike was this last weekend. I was unable to attend but had some buddies scouting out for my virtual attendance. There are some great things on the horizon. Here's some great GT news

More info on the carbon road bike:
Spec. will be the same as the GTR 1 and the Sug. Retail will be aprox. $2,499.00

* Reynolds Ouzo Fork (carbon steerer)
* Ultegra / Dura-Ace (der./shifters/brakes)
* FSA Carbon Cranks
* FSA Carbon Seat Post
* FSA Bar and Stem
* FSA Wheel Set
* Thompson Seat Post
* Fizik Arione Saddle w/ti. rails
* Vittoria Diamante Tires

One of the coolest road/commuter bikes I saw last year. Unfortunately they were unobtainable very quickly. We'll probably get one of these in soon.

Also, check out Bionicon:

Read RC's article on the 120mm 4 bar bike in MBA if you're skeptical. The one in the photo is a larger travel single pivot bike. Very cool.

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