Sunday, October 30, 2005

dawn patrol

Early, early morning weekend rides have been the name of the game lately. It's actually been pretty great getting up with the day. Last week was a super early riser Sunday. A predawn AM wakeup with the auto timer coffee already kicked in to turbo mode started a fine day. It was still dark outside as I loaded the bike into the car and rolled out on the highway. Destination was a little jeep road that I refer to as the bmx track. It's an easy middle ring climb into a network of more jeep roads. Back down, though, is the fun part. It rides like a big wide downhill course/bmx track complete with perfect berms, terraces, ruts and rock jumps. You can fly down it hardtail style or you can launch as big as you want to go on a big bike. Lots of line choices and room for "interpretation." The sun wasn't even out when I hit the trailhead.

Today was another great early ride. With the time change, instead of an extra hour to sleep, that meant an extra hour of daylight in the AM! I had some things to do around the house so I pedaled out and headed to Hall. Not feeling very spry at 6:30am, I turned onto the still wet Apple Valley Road and climbed in the easy way up Antelope. Ridng at off peak times is great. This morning there were tons of deer all over the meadows and yards off of Antelope Road. Once onto the trail, the dirt was absolutely perfect. It was still nice and hard and grippy underneath but instead of coated with sand and pea gravel, today's was a frosting of moist grippy dirt about knob deep. I hadn't seen conditions like this in quite some time!

I looped Nelson in each direction before heading back the frontside to Hwy 7. I only encountered 1 bike pretty much the whole day. It wasn't until I was within sight of the hwy 7 parking lot that I saw someone - something I'd never seen before at any Open Space trail. Not a ranger, but a Sheriff officer hikin on the trail! Nice enough though. I'm sure he was there to start off his day just like me.

Rolled back home and was in the kitchen with more coffee brewing by 8am. I don't think i've ever enjoyed the time change so much.

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