Friday, October 21, 2005

no brakes no gears no freewheels

So this is public knowledge now. It's still on the cusp, but there exists a high probability that a new Velodrome will be built in Lyons. Doug from Ubikes and a partner have been shopping for a while for a site to build a track. They recently pitched the idea to the town of Lyons. From what I understand, all the town has to do is donate a couple of acres and Doug and Co will take care of the rest . The Lyons town board unanimously approved Doug's proposal. It's a go from Lyons' end.

I had the opportunity to discuss this with the Mayor here. Seems that Doug and his partner looked all over Boulder County but neither the city of or the county were willing to work with them. Recently, they'd been looking at some property in Weld County. The Lyons idea works well, though, because they escape liability by buiding on municipal land - same principal as a skatepark.

Don't know how high we should get our hopes, but it could be a sweet deal.


debaser said...

I'd love the excude for another bike to hang in the garage. Bring it on!

yetiman said...

How do you start a new blog?

Reminder, tonight at 6pm - Lyons Elementary School.

Velodrome would be sweet, sweet, sweet. Although a community swimming pool for the kids makes more sense to me.

htop said...

thats cool, keep us updated.

mg said...

man, that'd be super cool... talk about a niche market!

redstone said...

I talked to the Mayor on Wednesday about the track. He mentioned that it's a done deal for both parties. The only thing left is for it to go thru process - Parks and Rec public meetings, etc. The investors already have the funding in place.

I'll keep y'all posted!

Anonymous said...

Been out of town for a while, and just learning of the 'Drome. Exciting news, yes. A niche market, yes.

I appreciate Redstone's involvement and updates... and why stop there? Might Kyer support ponying up another few acres for the kids (BMX) and cyco's (cross)? Seems like a great opportunity to really put Lyons on the cycling map as a place that can host events in all aspects of the sport.

Who knows what the future could hold... the Cycle X-Games Lyons Style?