Monday, October 17, 2005

After that last snow/rain mix, the trails sure are fantastic right now. I just wish I had the time to ride them more! This is such a great time of year to ride. It's killing me only being able to ride 1 or 2 days a week!

Got out with Scott this weekend for a little shuttle action. Shuttle as in point to point, though, not as in shuttle monkey. Not too bad for a shuttle, either - 12 miles and about 2000' of climbing. Although, we did get that 2500' descent thrown in just for fun... Got up pretty early in the am and it was damn cold at 8000'. The high point on the day was just over 9k, I think. There were still bits and pieces of snow up top, too. That snow, though - just made the dirt perfect. The day was great, the trail was great and we didn't see another soul. A fantastic day of fall riding for sure. We were pressed for time and had to boogie so there were no action shots. Here's a pic before the day started and before the sun was out:

It's great time for road riding, too. Especially now that they've finally finished paving US36 thru Lyons! The road crew was out early on Saturday to finish up. The reward is new fresh blacktop that stretches all the way thru town. If you really want to see something botched up, though, wait until next year when they pave Main St in downtown. That's another thing entirely!

Lots of good things with the shop, too. Fall is the slowdown time of year, but Redstone has been busy behind the scenes. The addition of Niterider to the lineup is just the tip of the iceberg. I can't say now, but we'll have a couple new brands gracing the shop floor soon. Maybe even a new demo bike, too. In other bike news, I just got an email from my GT rep. Things are going quite well for the turnaround of one of Americas premier homebread mountain bike lines. So well, in fact, that GT is dropping distribution in the sporting goods channel. No more Gart Sports, woohoo! GT is committed specifically to the IBD. IBD committment, full carbon road bike, what more is yet to come? Stay tuned for more.

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debaser said...

Good news from GT for sure. As much as a Carbon road bike would be cool, I really dig that Mango Ultegra Schwinn. Yummmy! Anyone wanna buy a my road bike?