Sunday, October 30, 2005


Ok, so night rides start this Tuesday at 7pm, November 1st. Meet at the shop and bring a good light with a couple hours of burn time. Should be pretty fun, especially if it doesn't snow.

So, with Halloween and night riding approaching, I subject going right now on another bike blog is scary night experiences. Anybody got any good ones?

Last year about this time of year, I was night riding and running a tad behind schedule. I decided to freestyle it thru the bush, hiking. There's a spot on the trail that comes with in 30 yards of the highway about 1/2 mile up from the parking lot, so I figured I'd bail off the trail there.

Well, it's about 30 yards of thick brush so you have to look where you're hiking. I panned the dark and saw a set of eyes a few hundred feet away. I tried to keep my light on them, but I'd have to turn to look where I was going pretty frequently so I wouldn't trip. Every time I turned my light back on the beast, it was about 1/2 again as close. I was pretty damn scared by the time I reached the highway, those eyes were only 50' away. To this day I'm not sure 100% what it was, but I pedalled like a bat out of hell once I was back on bike.

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debaser said...

Hmmm... Well not scary so much for me, but I know a few people who wouldn't like what I heard tonight...

I was riding home via an old gravel road and heard something over my music - wasn't sure what it was, maybe my bike? Well, it was a pack of coyotes howling on my right. And, as an added bonus, a pack was howling on the left of me too! I stood there for about a minute before they quieted down and I got out of there.

Pretty cool!