Friday, September 10, 2010

Please take a minute to help with Boulder bike access

City of Boulder hasn't historically been the most friendly to bikes. In fact, seems like some of the extremists in Boulder don't like bikes at all. At the end of the day, it comes down to the fact that, even though these folks are grown ups, they haven't learned how to share. Please read the following public service announcement from BMA, the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance...
It's been almost a year of discussing the future management of the Boulder mountain backdrop - including the possibility of a bike trail from Baseline Road to Doudy Draw and Marshall Mesa. Community Collaborative Group (CCG) members have spent the last 12 months in meetings, all the while pushing off the really big issues till later.
'Later' comes this Monday, Sept 13

Over the last twelve months, BMA has taken a low profile approach to the West TSA, minimizing our public rhetoric so the CCG can meet and collaborate as intended; with minimal noise from the court of public opinion.

Well, the same can't be said of the anti bike crowd who are dead set against even modest bike access in the West TSA. Click here and here to look at the anti bike propaganda being distributed at trailheads in the West TSA. The goal of this flyer is to inspire fear and get users to overwhelm the CCG mountain bike meeting this Monday. They think they can load the room up using fear tactics and outright distortions and win the day.

That's unlikely to happen. The CCG has heard all the arguments before, and the rules of the meeting severely constrains public input to 30 minutes. There simply isn't going to be an opportunity for the public to engage the CCG and OSMP in this meeting.
We here at BMA have worked hard to take the high road and not engage these scurrilous debates, and we are continuing that tactic. While there is a lot to said for showing up in numbers, we don't believe this type of reaction is productive to the process that OSMP and the CCG have struggled with for a year now.

It's for this reason that we encourage you to stay away f
rom this meeting. But you can still voice your support of modest access for mountain bikes in the Boulder mountain backdrop and your disappointment in the fear tactics and outright distortions of the anti-bike crowd.


It's not time to show up,
it's time to speak up.

Sign the petition here
Add whatever personal comments you would like and send. We will present the petition and signatures to the CCG

We at BMA care deeply about the outcome of this meeting and hope that the CCG will have the courage and determination to make the hard decisions the Boulder community requires.

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