Friday, September 03, 2010

Love me some Lyons, CO

Mary and the kids were at a friends house after work tonight.   That doesn't happen too often so, instead of rushing home, I took the long way via singlespeed.

I rode from the shop and headed towards the high school for a little Lyons getto singletrack action.  Even though it's short (really short), it's very sweet.  Beautiful, hardpacked, and narrow.   Fun and twisty.  Sure, it only takes 10 minutes, but it's worth it.  Kinda like that last drink of a cold beer on a hot day.  Not much, but super satisfying.

The high school was packed with fans, too.  It was cool to see all the pumped up Lyons fans.  From there, I hit up some more bike paths and took a buncho laps on the pump track.  It was serendipitous.   Flowing in a Zen state on the rollers and berms was just what the good Dr. ordered. 

Next stop was downtown.   The Outlaw and Tacos Don were packed with Friday nighters.  OB was hectic as usual.  There was live music outside at the Stone Cup.  Ma's Pizza was rockin.   The only thing missing was Chubway, but that'll be here soon enough.

I spent the rest of the ride pedaling towards home completely blissed out on this kickass town. Love me some Lyons, CO.  Can't wait to do the same thing tomorrow.    Ahhhhh.  Sometimes the short rides can open your senses the most.

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