Friday, September 17, 2010

Boulder County Advocacy Alert/Opportunity!

Great news if we make it! I just returned from a Friday AM pre work ride on Picture Rock. I popped out of the trail at the trailhead on Red Gulch Rd. A volunteer was at the trailhead handing out user surveys and did I want one? Heck yes!

Here's the deal - she said they have about 30 volunteers that will be handing out surveys at various Boulder County trailheads thru Tuesday.

What you can do - if you visit a Boulder County Open Space Park between now and Tuesday, please go out of your way to look for someone handing out surveys to fill one out. I'm not telling you what to say, but the more feedback Boulder County gets, the more effectively they can manage our parks.

I did notice one funky question on there, though. It asked if I had experienced any conflict yes or no. The next question had me put a checkmark next to the type of conflict I experienced. I know that it makes it easier to survey that way, but it should've been an open ended question. Out of 10 of the conflict types, 4 of them were bike specific. One was poop specific and the others were pretty general. Cyclists were the only user group that was singled out in the survey. Other than that, I found the survey to be pretty fair.

Anyway, if you visit BCPOS between now and Tuesday, please look for a surveyor and complete a user survey. The more folks fill this out the more Boulder County will be able to use fact based decision making.

thanks for the help!

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