Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day Ride!

I got a rare opportunity to get out of town with Chad and Jeremy today. Destination = long climb and long steep tech.. I look forward to Mondays of 3 day weekends. Typically my Mondays are solo affairs but when everyone else is off, too, I get that group ride thing in that most folk can do on Sat or Sunday. It was good to ride with good buds.

The climb up was pretty uneventful. Lots of dirt road. Lots of jeep road. LOTS of rocks. Then the view. Then the descent. I can't honestly think of the last thing I rode that was this consistently technical for it's entire route. Kinda like Crosier but without any of the smooth parts and not near as long.

Some of it was a blur.
And some of it required pretty extreme focus.

"You ok Chad?" "Oh. Yeah. I'm fine. I didn't wreck."
The rest of the descent was great - more insanely rocky and technical switchedback descent. Sooo good. The rest of the ride, on the other hand though, was kind of a bust due to unforseen circumstance concerning the location where the trail dumped us out. Fortunately, we were able to make it work and made it back to fresh beers at the truck.

Colorado. September. Get some!

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